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It starts with a conversation to understand your specific refrigeration needs. We listen attentively and propose initial solutions, setting the stage for a customized service experience.


We develop a tailored service plan that aligns with your business goals, then implement it efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.



Experience our commitment to excellence as we deliver high-quality services. We provide ongoing support, ensuring your refrigeration systems function optimally and your satisfaction is continuous.

Paradigm's Unparalleled Refrigeration Services

Unlock the Power of Partnership

Transparent Communication

Expect clear, honest, and frequent updates throughout our partnership, ensuring you're always informed and involved in decisions affecting your refrigeration systems.

Regional Knowledge

Benefit from our deep understanding of Northern California's unique business landscape, giving you an edge in refrigeration solutions tailored to local conditions and regulations.

Fast Response Times

We guarantee prompt responses to service requests, ensuring your refrigeration issues are addressed swiftly, typically within 3 business days

Customized Solutions

Every client receives tailored refrigeration services, designed to meet specific business needs, ensuring precision and satisfaction in every project.

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Food & Beverage
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for businesses of every size.

first time flat rate inspections
Our Flat Rate Refrigeration Specialist Services, offering comprehensive single system inspections and troubleshooting tailored to your needs. Our pricing is transparently structured by distance, ensuring you receive exceptional value and precise solutions wherever you are.

bay area local

  • All clients within 0-50 mile radius
  • Covers travel plus first hour for single system inspection or troubleshooting
  • Additional systems or time subject to additional charges
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sacramento valley

  • All clients within 50-100 mile radius
  • Covers travel plus first hour for single system inspection or troubleshooting
  • Additional systems or time subject to additional charges
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northern & central ca

  • All clients within 100-150 mile radius
  • Covers travel plus first hour for single system inspection or troubleshooting
  • Additional systems or time subject to additional charges
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Ongoing Monthly Retainer Support
We provide single system repair and maintenance services as well as offering Service Partner Programs for National and International Equipment Manufacturers or Local Support for Northern California Equipment Owners. All pricing is based on distance to equipment location, system complexity, temperature range, brand, and quantity. Simply drop us a message with details. Offered plans have no contracts – cancel anytime.

Standard Care Plan

This plan is suited for Equipment Owners, providing reliable and efficient refrigeration services tailored to their everyday needs.
starting at
  • 72 hour support response time
  • Annual or Bi-annual maintenance service
  • Priority booking for repair services
  • Access to remote customer support and troubleshooting
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Premium care Plan

For Equipment Owners requiring more intensive support, this plan offers an elevated level of service with added benefits and quicker response times.
starting at
  • 48 hour response time
  • Bi-annual or quarterly maintenance service
  • Discounted repair services
  • Dedicated support representative
  • Annual system performance review and optimization
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West Coast partner plan

Tailored support for Equipment Manufacturers, encompassing setup, maintenance of refrigeration systems, and strategic regional market advice.
starting at
  • 24 hour response time and 24/7 support
  • Quarterly or regular maintenance and inspection visits
  • Highly discounted repair services
  • Dedicated account manager for personalized service
  • Annual system performance review and optimization
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Read real stories from our clients who have experienced the Paradigm difference.

“Daniel has high standards of quality in his work and is always responsive, no matter the date and time. He is prompt and professional while also being flexible in our arrangements. I highly recommend Daniel to anyone seeking excellent chiller servicing.”

Hardware Engineer

"Daniel is excellent to work with. He is very efficient in his work methods and treats all customers with the utmost respect. His knowledge has helped us thoroughly in different situations and the quality of his support he offers, is exactly what is needed in a service partner."

Ross Watson
Head of Service and Aftersales, Susupport

“Paradigm is responsive with communication, on time with scheduled projects, and dedicated to deliver the work with highest quality. Not only we can count on them for the scheduled work, Daniel is always there to help us when emergency occurs. There are countless times when our assets went down due to chiller malfunction and Daniel came onsite at his earliest convenience to save our days. We will continue to work with him.”

Hardware Program Manager

"Daniel brings years of experience in the refrigeration industry with in-depth knowledge of the equipment he supports. This coupled with his great communication, unquestionable commitment and attention to detail make him a standout engineer in his field and an easy decision for your future business needs."

Process Engineer

"Daniel has been and currently is a valuable resource for our site. He services our large scale and small scale freezing system for commercial and clinical scales. His services include regular preventive maintenance, on call troubleshooting support and corrective maintenance activities. He also teaches and performs training activities for mechanics and engineers on how the machines operate. He has been servicing our equipment for almost 6 years.  His work is always very professional, clean, and well documented, which is a must as our site is a cGMP manufacturing site. I highly recommend his services for any refrigeration technology."

Mark T
Project Engineer

Get the inside scoop.

your top questions answered.
On-Site Excellence: Our Technician amidst Steel Pipes
What services does Paradigm Service Solutions offer?
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We specialize in comprehensive refrigeration services including regular maintenance, emergency repairs, system installations, and custom solutions tailored to your specific needs. Energy management solutions in partnership with Service:Focus

How does Paradigm ensure quick response times?
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We prioritize swift service delivery, typically responding to service requests within 3 business days. Our availability to suit our clients needs is flexible 7 days a week.

Can Paradigm handle refrigeration needs for businesses without a West Coast presence?
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Absolutely. We specialize in serving national and international equipment manufacturers without a local team on the West Coast, providing them with our regional expertise and personalized approach. We support equipment manufacturers in various industries that are popular in Northern California. From bioprocessing, cryopreservation, semiconductor to tech.

What makes Paradigm's solutions flexible and customer-focused?
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Our solutions are designed to be adaptable to each client's unique situation. We listen to your needs and tailor our services accordingly, ensuring flexibility and a customer-centric approach.

How does Paradigm maintain communication with clients?
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We believe in transparent and frequent communication. From the initial consultation to ongoing support, we keep you informed and involved in every decision affecting your refrigeration systems.

What is the process for starting a partnership with Paradigm?
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Starting a partnership is simple. Just contact us to discuss your type of equipment and service needs. We'll then assess your requirements and propose a customized service plan.

Does Paradigm offer any long-term support and maintenance plans?
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Yes, we offer comprehensive long-term support and maintenance plans to ensure your refrigeration systems are always functioning optimally, providing you with peace of mind.

How does Paradigm ensure the quality of their services?
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Quality is our top priority. We employ experienced professionals and follow stringent quality control protocols to ensure that all services are executed to the highest standards.

Can Paradigm assist with emergency refrigeration service needs?
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Certainly. We offer 24/7 emergency response services to address your urgent refrigeration issues promptly and efficiently.

What sets Paradigm apart from other refrigeration service providers?
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Our deep understanding of the Northern California market, commitment to customization, fast turnarounds, and a focus on building long-term partnerships distinguish us in the refrigeration service industry.

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Paradigm Service Solutions aims to transform specialized refrigeration and energy management services with unmatched communication, reliability, and innovative solutions. As the owner, I aspire to lead a company that sets the industry standard for tailored service across diverse sectors. With 17 years of high-end service experience, we pioneer customized solutions, forging strategic partnerships with global OEMs and energy experts to ensure seamless operations supporting partners worldwide. Committed to maximizing client benefits, we foster trust and innovation, driving excellence in every endeavor. Our vision is to establish Paradigm Service Solutions as the premier support provider for refrigeration and energy management solutions in Northern California.

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